Dr Michael Lan

Tai Chi Master and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A gifted healer who lives his passion every day, Dr. Michael Lan is a Tai Chi Master and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who has been practicing the art of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation for over 27 years.

Dr. Lan is also a renowned Acupuncturist and energy specialist giving him an intimate understanding of the link between healthy body, mind and spirit based on energy and the meridians of the human body, an increased spiritual awareness and the concept of energy flow.

Dr. Lan is based in Cape Town where he founded his authentic wellness sanctuary, Jing-An, 21 years ago. Through Jing-An he has had the honour of working with some of the world’s top business men & women, politicians, artists and athletes from across the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France and Africa. He holds several gold medals from Taiwan and is a formidable leader in his field.

Dr M. Lan

Examples of Dr. Lan’s Community & Pro-bono work

  • 2000–2005: Gave pro-bono acupuncture treatments and tai chi training to underprivileged people in Khayelitsha township, in particular site B. Mr. Goodwill, a respected sangoma / healer in Khayelitsha was the leader of this 5 year project.
  • 2000–2013: Chief coach of the UCT Tai Chi Club at the University of Cape Town.
  • 2005– 2009: Taught tai chi as an extra mural activity to several Cape Town schools: Spes Bona, St Joseph, St Georges and Westerford.
  • 2009: Started working with Michelle Festus on team building projects for Coca Cola SA, Diakonia etc.
  • 2009–2019: Organized World Tai Chi & Qigong Day in different location in Cape Town.
  • 2015–2018: Worked with Dr Frederick Marais from WoW (Western Cape on Wellness), a division of the Western Cape Government
  • 2017–2020: Worked with the Siyabonga Youth Wellness Centre in Khayelitsha focusing on community upliftment.
  • 2018: Worked with the Cape Peninsula of Maths & Science Academy in Tokai, Cape Town.
  • 2017–2019: Worked with the embassy of the People’s Republic of China and participated in their national and cultural days in Cape Town.
  • 2020: Took on a pro-bono apprentice named Thapelo Maila from the Siyabonga Youth Wellness Centre, in Khayelitsha for ongoing tai chi training and personal transformation.

Accolades and accomplishments

  • Qualified Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Member of SAACMA – South African Association of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture.
  • Taiqi quan & Qigong Master.
  • President of the Essence of Taiqi Quan & Qigong Federation, South Africa.
  • Member of World of Tai Chi & Qigong Day, USA.
  • Organizer of South African World Tai Chi & Qigong Day.
  • Third generation of the Liu(Lan) family Chinese martial art lineage, China, Taiwan, South Africa.
  • Founder and owner of Jing-an Wellness Sanctuary.
  • Gold and bronze medallist in tai chi short form and tai chi pushing hands, Taiwan.
  • Team building expert
  • Personal development and life change expert.
“When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy.”

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