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Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Tai Chi

Tai Chi also known as the Perfect Exercise is a series of movements practiced slowly with concentration and intention. Although practiced as a martial art, Tai Chi is used predominantly for its health and healing benefits. Daily practice of Tai Chi can eliminate tension and stress, improving health and lifestyle.  The advantage of this ancient art is that its simple basic principles are most practical and functional in our life. A form of exercise that anyone from young and old people can practice safely.  Jing-An The Wellness Sanctuary offers authentic “Yang” Style Tai Chi to its Members and Corporates.

Qi Gong

Translated directly as ‘Energy Work’, Qi Gong is a self-control discipline promoting self-awareness of one’s own potential and usage of energy. It not only helps to build up bodily reserves of strength and resistance, and to control and cure disorders, but also has the ability to promote vitality, rejuvenate the body and stimulate intelligence.
There are two main original qi gong styles practiced amongst schools and practitioners worldwide and they are mainly the soft and hard qi gong forms.

‎Five Good reasons why you should integrate exercise as part of your life!
1. Prevent weight gain, aging and disease
2. Look and feel good
3. Get in touch with yourself
4. Have healthy genes
5. Live a healthy life

Basic Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi Quan mind/intent boxing

Demonstration of Internal Power & Internal Vibrations of Taichi & Qigong by Dr Lan

Dr Lan: Shi Ba Shou Qi Qigong - 18 Energy steps

Dr Lan demonstrating Iron Abdomen

ShiBaShi and Ba Duan Jin forms performed by Dr Lan and students




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