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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture FAQs

Is Acupuncture painful?

No,you only experience a little tiny prick at the initial entry of the needle in the skin.

What does it mean when it comes across painful?

The body sending a signal that there is an imbalance to be corrected.

Are new needles used everytime?

Yes, at Jing-an we use disposable needles.

Can someone have acupuncture regularly?

Acupuncture can be done two to three times per week although in some cases everyday.

How frequently must one have acupuncture?

As frequently as one can, if there no medication taken or prescribed by your medical doctors.

What are those “biting” “throbbing” “pulsing” feelings when having acupuncture?

This is called Der Chi! To get this chi energy is a very positive sign. A very fine message is delivered to both practitioner and patient for healing purposes.

Are there different sizes of needles?

The needles sizes vary from 13mm-75mm.

How will i feel after my first session?

Better, Light, Relaxed and Calm.

Do medical aids cover acupuncture in South Africa?

Yes, most do. Please check with your medical aid.

Must clients submit medical aid themselves?

For your peace of mind, our reception will do everything for you.

Can one have acupuncture on a full stomach?

No, preferably not.

Can I still take medication while undergoing acupuncture treatments?

Yes you can, depending entirely on how you feel. Our advice is if you are getting a lot better with acupuncture, then preferably not. You can also check with your GP or medical specialists. Most GPs and medical specialists have an understanding of Chinese medicine and acupuncture science.

Can acupuncture be combined with tui na massage or other Chinese medicine treatments?

Yes, Chinese medicine is a complete healing system.

What are the other branches of Chinese medicine besides acupuncture that is well known in South Africa?

Tui Na & De Da Sun Sang(Bonesetting) Massage, Cupping,Bleeding,Moxibustion,Tai Chi & Qi Gong,Meditation

Can I do tai chi or qi gong after a session of acupuncture?

Combining exercises with acupuncture has great therapeutic values and high and healing effects.

Is it best to have acupuncture before or after I go to gym?

It does not matter if it is before or after, both times are good. Your personal trainer or gym trainer might advise you before or after, so check with them.

Do you offer a treatment package?

Yes we do, please check with reception

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, we do please check with our reception



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