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I began my Tai Chi lessons earlier in the year. In this journey I have learnt that Tai Chi is not just a calm excercise but an application for living. I have had transformation in different areas of my life. I was a person on the go, leaving for appointments at the last minute, meeting deadlines and consistently working under stress. I would say i perform best under stress. Since doing Tai Chi I have slowed down and am at appointments ten minutes earlier, no rushing and no speeding. I also prioritize my workload and manage my time better on projects in a calmer fashion. I am more patient! Concerning my health I love food and would eat anything in front of me having no willpower and lots of craving, since doing Tai Chi I have lost 5 kg and have given up sugar cakes and desserts.

In my relationships I always wanted to be honoured, respected and understood and now with Tai Chi I have learnt that too much determination and force will give a loss of power. To be a person of real strength I have to be soft, to sink, to yield. From being soft comes greater strength. From yin comes yang. I have endless energy, no aches and pains, my legs are stronger and my mind is calmer. My relationships
have also improved, my communication and listening has developed. I have had so many shifts and necessary change.I do private classes with Dr Lan and not only do I see that my body has no limitations but also that the philosophy of Tai Chi is a way of life. I want to thank you Dr Lan for the positive contribution you have made to my life.


My husband and I really enjoyed our time at Jing-An. I have actually been back twice now for additional treatments. The staff are so lovely and the atmosphere warm and welcoming. It is, now, my number one go-to center for wellness. I’ve even got plans to take my mom for a treatment when she comes to visit us in January from North America.

Anette Kurylo

“Over the past three years of practicing Tai Chi I have witnessed a major shift in my life.

The awareness of my physical body has been tuned to the degree that I am able to exert myself without feeling as fatigued or strained and at the same time avoiding injury during all other activities.

The most profound effect that Tai chi has had on me is helping focus and calming my mind.
It has enabled me to become more alert, attentive and mindful.

Being guided by Dr Lan to keep in one has been a journey for me which he has done with great knowledge, patience and humbleness not to mention his unflagging encouragement.

It is an honour to be able to be taught by someone who lives the practices that he teaches and he is a wonderful enthusiastic mentor.

I can recommend Tai Chi and the teachings of Dr Lan to all and sundry because it is bound to have a positive effect on your whole life.”

Michelle Levy
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

“Dr Lan is a great teacher who exudes a confidence which is quite contagious. I really enjoy the classes at Jing-an and look forward to an hour or more everyday to refocus my intentions. I’ve found regular tai chi practice to be incredibly rewarding and a great companion to my yoga practice and rock climbing. It has strengthened my focus, balance and determination immensely. I am very happy to have finally started tai chi after many years of procrastination and would recommend anyone who has considered tai chi to give it go and start reaping the rewards tai chi and Jing-an have to offer.”

Zane Wasserman

“I have been a student of Dr Michael Lan since 2004. At that time I was involved in framing & an art gallery. Dr Lan was highly recommended when I enquired into learning more about the internal side of Tai Chi.

I have not looked back, going on to study my instructor’s in Tai Chi, learning Qi Gong & then Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have subsequently qualified as a practitioner.

Tai Chi has taught me to keep in one, it has become a way of life. It goes beyond a philosophy, an art, physical well-being, vitality…it encompasses all. It balances all aspects of being; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It is the most perfect construct, which as it unfolds always holds an answer to any question. It teaches inner stillness, or wuchi. This is accumulative, so the more you practice, the more you gain.

As an artist, Tai Chi is an endless source of inspiration to me. I find I work faster, handle stress better & enjoy each process to its fullest.

Lesley Ann Green
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Tai Chi Instructor

Of significance was the approach of the seminar. Firstly, partners felt free to share views that were often hugely divergent. Secondly, and of primary importance, was the space created for ‘taking care’.

This was made evident through the regular Qi Gong and Tai Chi sessions conducted by Dr Michael Lan. These sessions, conducted whenever it seemd appropriate, helped alleviate tension and cleared the air of the process to have its own meaning.

The energy was good from the outset. I was surprised at how people took to Tai Chi as it was and alternative. It was a risk and people could have been defensive, but it was a risk worth taking. I have experienced the power of Tai Chi and have confidence in Michael. He is not just someone who does Tai Chi; he is a traditional Chinese doctor with many years of experience.

Also, his attitude to the process….He was part of the entire workshop so everything he did was in sync with what we wanted to achieve. He came in at the right times…noticing when things were highly charged-and his exercises changed the mood and got us all into a space where we felt more balanced. Thus, despite the divergent views, the space provided was conductive to sharing and learning and challenging.’
Michelle Festus, Diakonia CO SA


Jaclyn Snyder
Mother and Tai chi & Qi gong Practitioner

I’ve discovered something that I’m just itching to share with as many people as possible.

I was one of the lucky few to not suffer much with morning sickness or worse during my first trimestre.

My theory is this:

It’s not so much to do with luck, but Daily Tai Chi and Chi Kung assists pregnant women to remain balanced; during a time when there is so much hormonal change in the body affecting mind, body and spirit, increasing connection with one’s chi and fostering it’s development creates an internal space of peace and balance.

If I am balanced and at peace, the lil one growing inside of me is happy and benefits too - it’s a no brainer, but seemingly not something that is suggested in any pregnancy-related books I’ve read so far!

Around weeks 5-7 of my pregnancy, after telling the father about the pregnancy, I was contemplating moving house and then actually did, due to his rather negative reaction to this gift of life. For a couple of days during this time, I lost my centre and didn’t make time for my morning practice and guess what? Felt nausea all through the days that followed.

As soon as I re-started my practice, I kept the nausea and the underlying anxiety at bay. It took a few days of not doing my morning practice for the nausea to kick in, but it took just one 20min session for me to regain a sense of balance - how powerful is that! My practice sustained me for a few days of not-doing and when I re-started, the benefits were felt IMMEDIATELY! This stuff should be taught at schools or should be common knowledge.

My first step in getting it out there as much as possible is to share it with everyone I know online and inlife. So please distribute to your mailing list/post on your blog/add to your website/start classes for pregnant women!!



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