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Tai Chi - The Perfect Exercise

Dr Michael Lan as a Tai Chi Master

Dr Michael Lan comes from a martial arts and Chinese healers Origins. He started with Karate and Kenpo when he was young and did Kung Fu in his early 20s. he was introduced to the art of Tai Chi in his mid 20’s and has practiced this art diligently since daily. He has learned to integrate Tai Chi in his normal personal daily life. He says it can be integrated in our Modern Lifestyle! Dr Lan has been practicing Tai Chi for more than 20 years and always would honestly claim that he is still a beginner!

It has not been either hard or easy Journey. Dr Lan says since he   decided to take his life Journey he has learned a lot about himself and others. He learned a lot about being a human (being) not a human (DOING). His favorite MOTTO is “HELP yourself and you can HELP others”!

He says practicing and integrating the philosophy & wisdom of Tai Chi daily into his life has made him a better human being. He believes he is not better than others but equal!

As a Chinese Medicine Doctor and healer the art of Tai Chi works hand in hand, thereafter is to improve oneself and the forms to improve others.

Dr Lan is the SA representative at World Tai Chi & QI Gong day. He is a fourth generation of the Cheng man ching tai chi lineage. He is very active over year primarily with & over to the locals & the world. He is currently working with WOW Western Cape On Wellness a branch of the Department of health.

What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan translated directly means the great ultimate method! It is a multi system that focuses on balancing & harmonizing a persons physical, emotional, mental & spiritual beings. It is originally from china and was created both as a Martial arts healing so people could practice it as self-Defense and improving there health and quality of life. There are namely four main Tai Chi styles, Chen, Yang Wu & Sun. Chen being the oldest & Yang the most Popular. Tai Chi is passed on from generation to generation. It was not taught to the general public until the 1950’s. Professor Cheng Man Ching student of Master Yang Cheng Fu Popularised Tai Chi in the
west in New York in the 60’s & 70’s.

What are the Core principles?

The Core Principles of Tai Chi Chuan is to keep in one in harmony with oneself, others & Surroundings. How to keep in one,  one must learn to be “Soung”- RELAX x 1000 times Relax deeply in body mind & spirit. Let go of all resistance & tension. The whole body in Tai Chi works together as one unit. Sink body & Chi into the mind and develop a strong and stable roots. Keep the spine upright and top of the head as if suspended by a light piece of string so the body is always light & our body feeling sensitive & happy.Carry that attitude daily. Every Movement Must Come from the Core (original area)not the hands & upper body (Heart area).

Where does Tai Chi find its place in the Modern world of today?

In this Modern World life has become extremely stressful. Nowadays people live their life In Constant Fear & stress. People are always on the go and do not know how to switch off anymore. Tai Chi principles of Relaxing, Sinking the mind & body into a peaceful State will definitely reduce stress on ones body. It will make people more aware of where tension is sitting in their body. It will bring more body & mind awareness & mindfulness because of the fast pace & production for success & wealth many people work long hours & sit at their desk for a long time, which put lots of stress on their body & which leads to burn out syndrome. Daily Tai Chi practice will improve ones posture, reconnect oneself to our bodies focal point (original area) and regain balance. It will make us realize how our health is of important as well. With Less Stress and more Mindfulness of our body & mind we can begin to improve our health and begin to enjoy our life the way we should. We can prolong
our LIFE!

What makes Tai Chi Unique?

Tai Chi is the only form of exercise that does not require any force when practicing it. It does not put any strain on the body nor on the heart. It is Unique that it Combines Martial Art movement & healing in one. These are the three treasures of Tai Chi. Our breathing is in harmony with our movement in Tai Chi. Comparing to other exercises where normally breathing is separate, forceful & disruptive.

It was designed according to the Creation of our Universe & Nature.

What are the Mental health benefits?

Clears & Relaxes the mind, Qietens the mind, Still the Mind, Mental Stability, Improves concentration, Self awareness & realization, Self development, Mindfulness, Mental strength, Improves sleep, Helps with psychological imbalances, Increase joy & happiness.

What are the physical benefits?

Relaxes the body. Rejuvenates our skin, Improves skin elasticity, Clears & gathers our thoughts, Strengthen our Core, Improves & strengthening our low back, Strengthens our legs & provides body stability, Improves digestion, Respiratory & circulatory system, Improves balance & Co-ordination, Align & re-align our posture, Improves our vision, Balances our hormones, assist with physiological ailments, assist with weight loss.

Form of Meditation

Tai Chi is a form of movement Meditation. Meditation in Motion . It focuses on the balance of stillness & movement, thoughts & no thoughts, fullness & emptiness,doing and non-doing,action and no action. Sinking the mind will bring peace of mind to our brain & body. A peaceful mind is a peaceful life. When we are at peace with oneself, others & surroundings, we experience true happiness & joy!

Why is it important that our body is always in motion?

Our body is a living moving organism that is governed greatly by our circulatory system. In order for our circulatory system to work properly in synergy with our blood, fluid & body essence our body must be in constant motion. Any deficiencies or excesses in our body movement can cause blood & Chi deficiency, stagnation and imbalance of the physiological & development of our body as a whole. Balance of body activity and rest are very important . Tai Chi states, movement is stillness, stillness is movement. When energy is in motion it permeates and animates every living things. Our life force is in a constant flow.

Advise on how to get started as a beginner?

Jing-An runs beginners classes every MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS. 5.30PM TO 6.30PM, 6.30PM TO 7.30PM.

We offer an introduction class to all new beginners & after that they can sign up with us if they wish to continue with Tai Chi. Loose comfortable clothes are recommended for the first time.

Private classes are coordinated with business owners & corporate schedule.

What are the benefits of practicing outside?

The benefits of practicing Tai Chi outside are as similar as practicing in a studio. When practicing outside , make sure that the space is free of pollution & un-hygienes and that there are no noise and distractions. It is better to practice in the early morning around 5-7am & in the evening around 9-11pm.



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