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Qi Gong -  Health,Longevity & Wisdom

Saturday Morning Qi Gong Class
For those that after a long busy week, would like to start his/her Saturday morning fresh, fit, and revitalized.

Join Dr Michael Lan every Saturday 10:30 – 11:30 am for ShiBaShi – 18 Qi Gong movement.

Beginner Qi Gong class (No class until further notice)

Qi Gong Courses
We offer Private & Teacher’s courses to martial artists, boxers, business owners, CEOs and health practitioners.

For more information on our Private and Teacher’s courses, kindly call Clement Lan on 021 791 0659 or email to info@jing-a.co.za.

About Qi Gong
ShiBaShi is easy to learn and is very effective for Focus, Stillness, grounding, and health in general.

Translated directly as ‘Energy Work’, Qi Gong is a self-control discipline promoting self-awareness of one’s own potential and usage of energy. It not only helps to build up bodily reserves of strength and resistance, and to control and cure disorders, but also has the ability to promote vitality, rejuvenate the body and stimulate intelligence.

There are two main original Qi Gong styles practiced by schools and practitioners worldwide: soft and hard Qi Gong forms.

People can live without food and water but we can’t live without air. Mastering different breathing techniques and inhaling plenty of air gives more strength, generates circulation of blood and enhances energy, vitality and spirit. Qi Gong is not considered to be the perfect solution for all diseases. But regular consistent breathing of breath will prevent sickness and is conducive to good life and longevity. With a healthy, strong body, you can control your mind to determine your life.

Qi Gong breathing has proven effective in the prevention and cure of peptic ulcers, coronary heart disease, hypertension and insomnia. Basic to all internal work is the principle of ching, chi, shen ( essence, breath, spirit ). Practice of internal work is to restore the balance of energy and to maintain harmony of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

With breathing techniques, one can guide the essence to rise through the spine and marrow, to the brain strengthening the union of the (Sexual) essence and the life force. (Chi Energy) Hence, in deep concentration and quiet meditation, adept Qi Gong practitioners can still the spirit within the body.

Dr Michael Lan teaches a combination of soft and hard Qi Gong. He has many years of experience in both Qi Gong disciplines.

Soft Qi Gong forms
36 Tien Tao Qi Gong - Heavenly Dao Qi Gong
11 Balancing Gong - Wild goose Qi Gong
18 Tai chi & Qi Gong steps - Shibashi
Recuperative Qi Gong - Meditative Qi Gong
Healthy living Qi Gong - Meditative Qi Gong
Micro & Macro cosmic Qi Gong
5 Animal qi gong -Wu Qin Xi

Hard Qi Gong forms
Pa tuan chin - 8 Section brocade
Yi jin jing - 24 Muscle & Sinew changes Qi Gong
Shi shui jing - Bone marrow washing Qi Gong

Five Good reasons why you should integrate exercise as part of your life!
1. Prevent weight loss, aging & disease
2. Look and feel good
3. Get in touch with yourself
4. Promote healthy genes
5. Live a healthy life

Recommended Qi Gong Books
Beginner Qi Gong - Stephen Comee
The root of chinese Qi Gong - Dr Yang Jwing Ming
Qi Gong the secrets of youth - Dr Yang Jwing Ming

Note: Practicing Qi Gong incorrectly or under an unqualified Qi Gong instructor can be harmful to your body.



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